Miracles – Zulu minus one…

My colleague Gerwin Hendriksen and I will attend Miracle Oracle Open World 2007. Tomorrow I will take the Miracle Express, Gerwin will travel with his car to Lalandia in Rødby, Denmark.

My first small post about the Miracle Express can be found on the AMIS Technology Blog. I hope I get the chance to post more (and include some nice pictures), a Doug replacement worthy.

The Miracle Express


AMIS Technology Blog: MOOW 2K7 – The Miracle Express


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  1. 9/27/2007

    Enjoy yourself, men! I know you will 😉

    But take care in that water park with beer and slides …

  2. 10/2/2007

    My ribs still hurt; I under estimated the slides in the water park. Ouch…


  3. 10/3/2007

    Sigh, that’s an old mistake that many have made 😉

  4. 10/3/2007

    Those three on top (10 meters high?) are dangerous…!

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