Differences – Great sense of Humor

I just read this one on the asktom.oracle.com site, searching for some PL/SQL answers. Its a nice start of my Monday at work…

online support March 3, 2005 – 1am US/Eastern
Reviewer: shahnawaz husain from INDIA

dear sir ,
your question and answer are very useful but some time when we have emergency to find out answer, then what is the process please tell me .

Followup March 3, 2005 – 7am US/Eastern:

anything that is “emergency related” would fall under the “support” banner.


I do “how do I…” they do “uh oh”

I’m not support.

Asktom URL: “XML and Oracle Objects”, version 9.2.0″

By the way, regarding support: Have a laugh at the “World’s First IT Professional” at work.

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