Oracle 11g – My top 10 new XMLDB features

A lot of posts are now out there, with peoples top 10 lists, regarding Oracle 11g new features. Probably one off the most interesting one will be Arup Nanda’s top Oracle 11g new features list. So I hereby present my top 10 list which I think are the most exciting new XMLDB features.

  1. The database will be able to act as a SOA endpoint via WSDL
  2. Binary XML
  3. XMLIndex
  4. Secure Files
  5. The Protocol Server (among others: direct APEX usage, NFS 4.0 support)
  6. XML Partitioning support
  7. In place XML Schema Evolution
  8. Elimination of the 64K limitation on the size of a text node
  9. Improved Security
  10. Improved Repository performance and managebility through Events and XMLIndex usage

Read about it in the “New Features in Oracle XML DB for Oracle Database 11g Release 1” whitepaper.

Marco Gralike Written by: