Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 Released

My laptop was stolen, so now fiddling around with a new laptop I take my chance to switch.

Searching for a Linux brand and not sure which one to pick, I ended up with Oracle Enterprise Linux 5. Apparently this has been released in June and is downloadable via the main site

Why Oracle?

Not completely sure, but in the end this is a RedHat distro (RedHat AS V5?) and Oracle released it’s software on RedHat first. Second, I can get a support license via my employer. Also I am a Oracle DBA and knowing my base (the OS where my database relies upon), is always a good thing (a database NEVER stands alone, know your surroundings !).

My laptop is a DELL D820 Latitude.

My first setup in mind is:

  • A Linux distro (so now in my case, I give a try at Oracle Enterprise Linux 5)
  • Oracle Database 11g EE on Oracle Enterprise Linux
  • Crossover (I don’t want to switch to a virtual environment for Windows apps all the time)
  • VMware Server (to have an Windows alternative at hand when I need it)
  • Sonicwall VPN connection alternative/solution…?
  • Bittorent, music and video (XViD and stuff)

So lets see where this gets me.


As said, I am working with a DELL D820 Latitude, so here some updates: