Month: July 2007

July 28

Yep, it is holiday time, at least for me, and while I am trying to get my laptop to work with my WPA wireless (linux wise), I am just browsing the internet… The is a lot of funny stuf out there. So here some of my better sightings today, maybe good for a small laugh…

For instance, here is a great informational scene from Chris Rock about “How not to get your ass kicked by the police”.

Something I noticed in the initial versions of Firefox, when it was still one of the default installed links, is the Internet Archive. Besides the “WaybackMachine” which can show some of the old versions of your website you had once installed, for instance Doug’s website, or what to think of all the old versions that show up when checking Dizwell’s / Howards site

It also has a very interesting movie archive…

July 20
July 19