Turn It On Again

I almost forgot, but an event that I waited for a long time, will happen at last in Holland, on the 1st of July: The Genesis – “Turn It On Again” Tour. Genesis will play in the Amsterdam Arena with probably the same set as rehearsed in Brussels. I am one of the lucky ones to have field tickets.

Genesis - Turn It On Again Tour 2007

The setlist from Brussels:

    01. Behind The Lines…
    02. Duke’s End…
    03. Turn It On Again
    04. No Son Of Mine
    05. Land Of Confusion
    06. In The Cage…
    07. Cinema Show…
    08. Duke’s Travels…
    09. Afterglow
    10. Hold On My Heart
    11. Home By The Sea
    12. Follow You Follow Me
    13. Firth Of Fifth…
    14. I Know What I Like
    15. Mama
    16. Ripples
    17. Throwing It All Away
    18. Domino
    19. Drum Duet…
    20. Los Endos
    21. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight…
    22. Invisible Touch
    23. I Can’t Dance
    24. Carpet Crawlers

I am really looking forward to this great evening. Just a shame that Peter won’t join, he has his set only a walk away, also in Amsterdam, 2 days before… Who knows Steve Hacket maybe or Bill Brudford

I guess, it won’t happen in my lifetime…

Marco Gralike Written by: