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No, I don’t work for them, I just like what they are doing…!

I thought that I had to haste because there are only 200 seats to be given away (OK, you will have to pay a little), but apparently that are still a lot off seats to be filled. Maybe I am too enthusiastic, maybe it is just to early, maybe there have been too many (and should it have been the last in 2006), but the fun of this kind of events is that you need a bunch of people to share and discuss knowledge (and of course enjoy the presentations).

Arnoud, Gerwin and me will be there (but don’t let that be an excuse not to come, we are just a stupid bunch of dutch guys) 😉

No, I don’t work for them, I just like what they are doing…! Register! (be a sport, join us in our quest to Denmark)

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  1. June 8

    I was about to leave a comment to say ‘stop tempting me!’, so I will …

    … then I noticed ‘Mate of the Month’.

    Very, very funny 🙂

    My lawyers will be in touch!

  2. June 8


    If you dare to intimidate Bear, my daughter (or Polly and her Friends), you will have to deal with me 😉

  3. June 9


    “Mate of the Month”

    What are the fees?


    The Boys and Polly

  4. June 9

    The Boys and Polly,

    Athina wanted it to be setup as a shelter, alternative for friends, so I guess she doesn’t want any fees. I don’t know were she wanted to harbor The boys and Polly, but there is still space in her bedroom where all her Bear and other cuddly toys have their place.

    on behalf of Athina


  5. June 9

    No, no Marco, we meant what fees do you pay for us to be the pictures on your blog?

    Thank you to Athina, but she’s just a young girl and we’re in it for the money, really …


    The Boys and Polly

  6. June 9

    See what they are like? See what I have to put up with?!?

  7. June 9


    I really “dig” it now! I had no idea how you can keep up with this kind of behavior.


  8. June 9

    Polly (and the rest),

    I will discus the issue with Athina.

    How much percentage do we get?
    (Athina’s education will be expensive you know…)


  9. June 10


    Sorry we were a bit greedy yesterday but life has been so tough recently. Please accept our apologies. We will be going out for ice cream today and if he buys us the extreme banana split (one each) then things may turn out ok.

    All my love,


  10. June 10


    I hope everything will turn out OK for you guys!

    I like ice cream very much as well, ever tried the Haagen-Dazs Bailey’s Irish Cream (here is one in your neighborhood: http://maps.citysearch.com/map/view/1387832)?


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