Anjo Kolk – How the Middle Tier is Slowing Down Your Database

AMIS is proud to announce their AMIS Query (free technical seminar), targeted at Oracle Database Architects and Database Administrators.

How the Middle Tier is Slowing Down Your Database

Multi tier systems are very common today. Most of these systems include a web server, an application server and a database. They also rely heavily on the very recent HTML and Java technologies. In fact, these technologies are relatively new and a whole set of new (and young) developers have been exploring them. This presentation is exploring the mistakes that are made in the middle tier and how they affect the database and what can be done to improve performance dramatically with some simple changes.

This seminar, given by Anjo Kolk on 24 April 2007, is a reprise of the presentation given by him during Hotsos 2007 (Dallas, Texas). Anjo has been working for Oracle Europe from 1985 to 1994 in Holland and Ireland, after working for Oracle Japan for a year, he joined the Oracle RDBMS development team in the USA. After working for Veritas for a while he, nowadays is the director of Miracle Benelux.

He is recognized as the father of the Oracle Response Time Tuning methodology (YAPP) which was first documented in the YAPP white paper in 1998 and publicly used in his website He has been speaking at several Oracle conferences all over the world and nowadays he specializes in troubleshooting Performance problems in large scale Oracle based systems.

This session takes place on Thuesday the 24th of April, starting at 18.00 hour sharp. The event will last until approximately 21.00. To register and for more details please visit the AMIS event-site at:

The presentation can be found on the event webpage of Miracle Benelux or via here:

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