Month: March 2007

March 8
March 8

I know, it’s a little bit of an aggressive statement, but if you think about it, it gets to you… Regarding performance and “best practices”. Let’s do this, a little bit, on a Cary Millsap kind of way…

Let’s say, you are in Dallas (or somewhere else…) and your want to call your wife (/ girlfriend or vice versa or one of the variations, that are possible) on a different continent. Do you know how he or she will react? Do you know for sure, what his or her, first reaction, on the phone, will be?.

March 5

I will be attending HOTSOS 2007 next week; and to be honest, I am not really into it yet. Despite, I guess and hope the great presentations, keynotes and insights that will be given during the week; working hours were harsh and long last month. Trying to uphold (most of the time, self appointed) goals and targets for customers and internal projects, I over did it (a little bit). So while writing this down, I am trying to cool down so it will bring me into the proper (nerd) spirit, where events like the HOTSOS event next week, will give me nice, exhausting, interesting, inspired, insightful days; Long, long, long days, full of great information and discussion.