This page is the placeholder for the XFILES APEX blog post series. Part of of community effort to clean up the APEX XFiles source code.

XFILES is a demo application that demonstrates the Oracle XML database functionality. During Oracle Open World 2008 Mark Drake, Sr Product Manager XMLDB and Carl Backstrom, called had a presentation called “Oracle Application Express and Oracle XML Database: A Match Made in the Database“.Mark had build the XFILES demo application, until that time, with the tool-set he knew best, Java/JavaScript & PL/SQL.

During this presentation, for the first time, the APEX version, build with the help of Carl Backstrom, was demonstrated for a bigger audience. Carl wanted to clean up the code for this application but never had the chance, due to a car crash. For more details read the blog post titled “In Remembrance of Carl Backstrom. on how this series came to light.

Mark Drake and Carl Backstrom during their session on Oracle Open World 2008


Marco Gralike


  1. In Remembrance of Carl Backstrom
  2. APEX Newbie Enhancement Requests
  3. The APEX Look and Feel
  4. The Supporting XDB Utility Packages Needed
  5. How to Open Up the XML DB Repository for APEX?
  6. XFiles for APEX EA 0.1 – Available for Download
  7. Oracle XFILES now on GitHub

XFILES APEX Community Edition (XACE)

  1. Preview (Marco Gralike)
  2. Announcement (Roel Hartman)