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January 17
November 26

The XFiles for Apex “Early Adapter” 0.1. release, is available for download.

In principle its the same stuff I got from Mark Drake and posted about before, but now also with the APEX SQL workspace import script as well. I have to start somewhere and I shouldn’t let you wait too long playing around with it yourself. If need more info, then also have a look at the original PPT’s from Mark and Carl used during their OOW 2008 presentation.

Roel Hartman and I am trying / made a first attempt of an installation manual. So try it yourself first (…on a test environment of course…) with the hints given here by me and have a look later at the XFiles post that describes the proper installation steps needed.

Be aware that there are certain pre conditions that should be met. We, Roel and I, identified at least the following:

November 23

The biggest problem the APEX application has, regarding XML DB interaction, is that it doesn’t understand / support (yet) typical XML DB structures like the datatype / operator “XMLType”. To make APEX capable to support these structures some coding has to be done transforming an XMLtype value into other datatypes like CLOB or a varchar2.

In the XFILES application this is supported via the package “XFILES_APEX_SERVICES”. This package contains, among others, a function called “LISTDIRECTORY” which shows the content of files and (underneath) directories in a (root) directory.

For example, via WebDAV access, Oracle XML DB Repository content can be made visible while using Windows Explorer, of the following /home directory.

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The actual content seen here (or via HTTP, FTP) is a representation of an XMLType table in the database called XDB$RESOURCE.