Category: Virtual Machines

June 16

There is great virtual machine software out there, VMware, XEN, etc. VMware was one of the first I also dared to use for more serious environments, like for instance development environments. Triggered by my old friend Erwin Brinkhuis, he completely switched to Linux (in his case Ubuntu), I had a look at VirtualBox. This product has, IMHO, real potential to become a VMware contender. Currently it can be used on Linux and Windows, a OSX version is in the making.

VirtualBox Vista

September 29

When you use VMware Server software to move or clone VMware Linux guest machines, you are asked by the VMware software if it should update the configuration file. When updating the configuration file, as requested by the software, your once working network settings won’t work anymore.

The following will help you to get on your way resolving these network problems, caused by MAC addresses, which are now out of sync.

April 11

We had some nice KC-DBA (expertise meetings) meetings in 2005. One of them was about virtual machines (VMware basically). To show how you could use virtual machine technology to implement an environment which would be almost undoable nowadays to realize, a virtual machine environment was demonstrated with Oracle 4.1 installed based on DOS. Thanks to Carel Jan Engel (one the infamous OAKTable guys) – i was able to build a default Oracle 4.1 database environment with all the goodies like the UFI (the user friendly interface).

The old DOS disks where recovered from some boxes on my attic, so with some extra effort, the installation wasn’t so difficult (i still remembered how to do the ansi.sys, autoexec.bat and config.sys upper and lower memory stuff ) All in all it was good fun. 🙂

Oracle 4.1 - Creation of the Demo Database

Strange enough you need(ed) the first oracle floppy in the floppy disk to start the database. I can not remember this from my Oracle 6 days.