In principle this post should be redundant, but due to all the changes the last years on the documentation sites and Oracle Technology Fora (OTN) sites, I noticed that a lot of links are now signaled broken on my site and/or very difficult to find (sometimes “even” using smart topic search on Google). Besides this site (I hope) and the XMLDB Developers Guide, the Oracle XMLDB FAQ forum pages contain useful information when dealing with XMLDB functionality in the Oracle database.

Therefore hereby a post about how to find the Oracle OTN XMLDB forum “Frequently Asked Question” overview pages, with topics about:

  • Where can I get answers to questions on Schema Registration?
  • How can I load XML content into Relational Tables?
  • How can I view my XML content as relational tables?
  • Why am I getting an ORA-00600 with arguments [qmxiUnpPacked2], [121]?
  • What is the minimum supported database release for XML DB functionality?
  • Where can I learn more about the XML DB features?
  • How to create XML from relational tables based on an XML Schema?
  • How do I process XML documents that contain DOCTYPE tags with XML DB?
  • How do I work with XMLType using Java and JDBC?
  • How to I use namespaces with XMLQuery()?
  • How do I declare namespace prefix mapping with XMLTable()?
  • How does XML DB validate XML documents against an XML schema?
  • Why is the size of my XML document 0 bytes when viewed via HTTP or FTP?
  • How do I tell if XML DB is installed.. How do I install it..?
  • How do I uninstall XML DB ? How do I re-install XML DB?
  • How do I load an large XML document into XML DB?
  • What is the best way of inserting very large XML documents into XML DB?
  • Why do I get ORA-19114 when trying to use XMLTable() or XMLQuery()?
  • How does the Encoding part of the XML Declaration get determined??
  • What are the “XDB Utilities”, how do I install them?

People probably didn’t even know there was a link with this information :S


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