Database landscape 2014 visualization

I saw this database landscape 2014 overview from “451 Research” with an very nice visualization of all database/data store products out there.

It also comes with an index overview with all the database names, products, included…

You can download your own free pdf-version via: state-of-the-database-landscape.

As mentioned in the blog post Updated Data Platforms Landscape Map – October 2014 you can use it for:

  • compare capabilities, offerings, and functionality.
  • understand where providers intersect and diverge.
  • identify a shortlist of choices to suit enterprise needs.

For me it was cool to see how many products and targeted product area’s are out there nowadays.


I miss some of the, for me / I.M.H.O., obvious ones in this overview like:

and/or maybe Oracle Berkeley DB alternatives (including one for XML support).

I am not sure what the limiting factors were to end up in this overview, but if you have a Oracle database already “in-da-house” then you have already more functionality inhouse then you might know. Apparently people of “451 Research” missed some of the mayor XML players / solutions out there. I have helped with, or advise on, Oracle XMLDB XML environments that where tens of Tera bytes big regarding its XML content alone…

Have fun with this cool overview.


Marco Gralike Written by: