Presentation material & E-learning videos – In-Memory Column Store Workshop with Maria Colgan

You can now download and have another look at the presentations used during the In-Memory Column Store Workshop with Maria Colgan and video learning material.


Unlike specialized In-Memory Database approaches that are restricted to particular workloads or applications, Oracle Database 12c leverages a new in-memory column store format to speed up any analytic workload. But how does it work and what steps do you need to take to successfully implement Oracle Database In-Memory in your environment?

This workshop explains in detail how Oracle Database In-Memory works and will demonstrate just how much performance improvements you can expect. We will also discuss how it integrates with Oracle’s existing performance features, including the Optimizer, indexes, materialized views, and the Exadata platform. We will also show you what are the best places to take advantage of this new technology.

Workshop Presentation Material

Workshop presentation material can be downloaded via the following links.

Oracle E-learning

E-Learning material of the workshop can be found via the Oracle Database In-Memory YouTube Channel

Keep up to date with In-Memory information, news, hints and tips, via the Oracle Database In-Memory blog.

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