Oracle Virtualbox 4.1

Let’s be honest, Virtualbox is really thriving under current Oracle management and becoming a real cool (if not already – i think so…) product. I am using it for test or training purposes, creating importable appliances and a lots of other purposes, on my iMac, Windows or other desktop environments. Having a look at the new 4.1 enhancements, I am really looking forward towards Oracle Open World in a few weeks time to get some additional info via presentations and / or hands-on labs. Okay, there is still stiff on my wish list, so Wim C. if your reading in… 😉

VMware has already a long time a great import tool which can be used, for amongst others, import/migrate a server (running real time / real OS, hardware) into a VM environment, besides all possible conversions between VM formats or backup/image sources. This would be a great first FAST step migrating real hardware into a virtualized environment. Another one would be cross compatibility between Oracle VM environments and Virtualbox (and vice versa). For now the 4.1 release is a great step forward. As mentioned on the Virtualbox 4.1 press release page…


Enhancements within Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.1:
  • Powerful new virtual machine cloning: A new facility allows users to easily create clones from existing VMs or even specific snapshots. To save space, users can also now create full clones or linked clones.
  • Enhanced large system support: Introduces support for hosts and guest virtual machines (VMs) with up to 1TB RAM, as well as scalability for over a thousand VMs on a single host.
  • Improved remote access: When accessing virtual machines remotely, the VM can now see and use all monitors as if they were locally connected.
  • Expanded platform support: Delivers host and guest support for the latest Windows, Linux, Oracle Solaris and Mac platforms.
  • Support for Windows Aero: Allows Windows 7 guests to use transparency and other Aero effects.
  • Enhanced support for guest VM scripting: Enables administrators to create automated actions for virtual machines that can copy files, perform setup, configuration tasks and more.

Also a lot of pre prepped appliances are now available for download:

  • Java Development VM
  • Database App Development VM
  • SOA & BPM Development VM
  • Enterprise Java Development VM
  • Oracle WebCenter Portal Framework 11g Hands-on VM
  • Oracle Solaris 11 Express Developer VM
  • Oracle Solaris 11 Express Network Virtualization VM
  • Oracle Tuxedo Web Application Server Demo VM
  • Enterprise PHP Development VM

If I only had the time to fiddle around with all off them. Anyway, enough fun until Christmas.


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  1. September 14

    I love VirtualBox. I have 5 VMs running right now in fact. 2 for work (XP), one for my wiki/SVN (Ubuntu 11.04), and one for OEL 5 with 11gR21, OBIEE, Web Tier and Informatica running on it. OK, 4, not 5.

    Just to add to your list, OBIEE has a great Sample application available, it’s just not linked on the main pre-built VM page, you can find it here.

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