Starting a Holiday (/Presentation) at #ODTUG

Time flies. Had a great weekend organizing an AMIS Query, an internal course with Doug Burns, looking at soccer games with Doug and Jacco and now already posting from a Marriott hotel room in Washington DC for some activities during #ODTUG

room / meanings

Its still a bit “quiet” (tons of elderly citizen though) in the Marriott hotel regarding conference meet-ups and/or other things, but met last night with Stanley, Debra, Alex, David (Mr. aPex) and for the first time with Sheeri (Kritzer Cabral) and her husband. Forgot his name (after 2 Guinness and pushing 36 hours “to get into the timezone”) but, man, can he draw cool “caricatures“. He had his own caricature book with him reflecting pictures of Magicians during a “Magicians Conference”, all signed by them and/or commented on. Great book/sketches and had a good laugh on how modern “Magicians” are nowadays that they have their annual conference as well…

Its Saturday now, its hot outside and humid (cloudy) and approximately 35C (95F) and I’m almost off with my nephew Rob, who I dragged along this time (if not only for those soccer matches), to see Washington DC. At least I don’t have to prove to my nephews Chris and Rob that I have been there by jumping with my trousers down on the White House lawn and doing so making a Dutch TV premier (getting to old for that stuff anyway).

Oh yeah, almost forgot, its the start of my Holiday, on Wednesday my ODTUG presentation and for the most just enjoying Washington DC before I leave with my daughter towards Switzerland in 2 weeks time.


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