Its that time again…

Not doing a lot on this site the last two weeks, not that I am that busy, but just can’t get around to it. This year is a lot about conferences (Hotsos, an EMEA Masterclass, Miracle Open World, ODTUG Kaleidoscoop, Oracle Open World, The Michigan OakTable Symposium, an upcoming Planboard Developer Symposium here in Holland and maybe UKOUG, my overall favorite, if one of my abstracts is selected), helping Kurt van Meerbeek in maintaining the new OakTable website, organizing things like (“Cuddly toys not included”) / “An Evening with Doug Burns” (among others an internal training for my fellow DBA’s at AMIS and an “on invite only” basis customer peers), the normal stuff at work (troubleshooting, performance, remote administration) and helping others via this website, OTN or via beta testing some new Oracle stuff. So I am in total a bit more “out there” this year than usual.

The National Soccer Team of Holland

Further more the World Championships Soccer in South Africa have started. If I even didn’t like those national championships soccer tournament ships, I would have noticed it at least via those increased Google searches on the term “Brulshirt“. So currently busy with Dimitri’s just for fun betting site, and guess what, I guessed spot on regarding the scores of the first two matches and to my surprise I am leading the list on the “DG Tournament Website”. Not that it will last for long.

Haven’t looked in ages at hits on this site. On average this, my notepad kinda, web blog gets approximately 400 hits per day. So, just like this “brulshirt” thing, I wonder why people suddenly start hitting a page like the “Oracle 11g Security – XMLDB is here to stay…” post, about the “ORA-24247: network access denied by access control list (ACL)” error that eventually everyone will hit once they move to Oracle 11g… The page current hit rate is up by about 2000%, from obscurity to 450 hits per day. Can’t find a direct cause, just like the “brulshirt” phenomena they are all direct hits from searching via Google.

Anyway, I changed the colors of this site in this hideous orange color that has a small reference to our National Dutch Soccer team. Not that it has any effect on their performance.


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