XFILES (Part 6) – XFiles for APEX EA 0.1 – Available for Download

The XFiles for Apex “Early Adapter” 0.1. release, is available for download.

In principle its the same stuff I got from Mark Drake and posted about before, but now also with the APEX SQL workspace import script as well. I have to start somewhere and I shouldn’t let you wait too long playing around with it yourself. If need more info, then also have a look at the original PPT’s from Mark and Carl used during their OOW 2008 presentation.

Roel Hartman and I am trying / made a first attempt of an installation manual. So try it yourself first (…on a test environment of course…) with the hints given here by me and have a look later at the XFiles post that describes the proper installation steps needed.

Be aware that there are certain pre conditions that should be met. We, Roel and I, identified at least the following:

  1. Create an XFILES database user
  2. Grant him/her the DBA and XDBADMIN role (this for ease of use – now)
  3. You will need an Oracle 11.2 database version
  4. We tested on a default demo database created with the DBCA utility
  5. We tested with the default APEX 3.2 version which is default installed in the demo database
  6. Set the compatible database parameter on
  7. The xdbpm scripts are definitely needed (not sure yet about the xdbutilities.zip code – there is overlap between the two). See the xdbpm.zip file how to install these scripts and the XDBPM oracle user.
  8. Grant XFILES via the SYS user Oracle advanced queueing rights (see “supporting tools scripts” menu during workspace import)
  9. Create the needed WebDAV XFiles foldering by hand OR (easier) created them via XFILES_DBA_TASKS section mentioned in the “supporting tools scripts”.

There is to much code that we probably do not need and other steps needed to clean up the code as once attempted by Carl.

Stuff I identified:

  • Paths to pictures are hardcoded in a package. This is not preferable.
  • Too much code we probably don’t need for use of XFiles on APEX to make this a good APEX demo application for use on apex.oracle.com. Things that come to mind and are probably unneeded for the actual XFiles on APEX demo application:
    • (X)WIKI package…
    • Application Security…
    • There is probably more
  • APEX Folder page overview which lack functionality and or needs some cleanup
    • An icon with a “properties” tag that isn’t clickable yet to actually also show the properties of a file or folder
    • Carl’s “menu” solution for setting properties like “check in”, “set locked”, “delete” actions

So in all…Thanks for now…have a go at it…and “Happy Thanksgiving!” (for those of us that have a thanksgiving bank holiday). Download the code via the link below:


Marco Gralike Written by: