Jeff Holt and Cary Millsap Presenting in Holland

As you probably know, Jeff and Cary are giving a Performance Masterclass in Utrecht currently. Day 2 has just finished and as always during Cary’s (and in this case also Jeff’s) presentations, I have a ton off new idea’s regarding performance, aka XML(DB) issues / performance. So I think its worth our time and money (I hope I speak on behalf of the attendees), and a job well done for getting those guys to the other side off the pond (thanks to Miracle Benelux who organized the event).

We, the attendees, are roundabout 30 people and to my surprise they come from all over the place. If I have listened carefully during the opening session from: Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium,  Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Norway and even…someone from from California…Wow!

Anyway, pictures say more then words about the atmosphere, so hereby some of “the prints” / “mug shots” I made. Enjoy.


So hereby in more or less random order…

The Agenda

The Agenda

Cary Millsap

Cary Millsap

Jeff Holt

Jeff Holt

App of the Day

Cary would probably name this Coffee Machine the (messed up?) “App of the Day”

From Swiss with Love

Although maybe not “messed up”; It has very interesting buttons.
I tried it, but alas, nothing happened. “From Swiss with Love”. 😉

Part of the Audience

A picture that shows a part of the audience / attendees.

Box Turtles

While I made this shot, Cary holding a box, I somehow had to think about “Box Turtle” Adventures…

Good Stories

As you might expect, Cary and Jeff had not only good content but also good stories that kept the audience focused.


At the end of the day, performance discussions kept going on.

Keep you posted. Hoped you enjoyed the “picturama”.


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  1. January 23

    That’s a great presentation, right?
    And the location looks like a classic…

  2. January 23

    Yeah it was good fun apparently born from, and in honour off, an idea Lex de Haan had during his livetime, as Morgens Norgard informed us (he was also for 1 day on the premises). We, the participants, can thank Anjo for making the idea real.

    The combination of Cary and Jeff on the same spot, during the same presentation set, of those 3 days was fairly unique. The presentations dealt with the material from their performance book they once wrote.

    From the “Story of Bob’s Boy…” upto queing theory, everything was touched and or dealt with in more detail, participating on the questions of the audience.

    So Yeah, I enjoyed it greatly.


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