Oracle Goes Virtual

This is great news! Is this great news? Missing out of being there (SF), I wonder what the VM core of Oracle is. Is it based on Xen?. As can be read on, probably a lot of the oracle blogger community sites, Oracle is going virtual. It looks like it is a “bare metal” environment (it can be installed out of the box on your hardware), which also sounds like something from years ago (the “raw iron” project). In that sense I only can jubilate…

I am a great fan of virtual machines as can be read on this blog site. I revived Oracle 4.1 and Oracle 5.1 on VMware, doing almost all my testing on VM environments. Until now I always had some resistance regarding deploying project environments on VM’s because of Oracle’s licensing strategies and support regarding production environments. At least you are now able to choose for a licensed and supported package. If it will be a good deal, only the future can tell.

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