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I will make an first time attempt tomorrow to do a webcast for ODTUG in the US about how to start with XML in the Oracle database kind of topics. The subject was initially inspired by Cary Millsap’s great whitepaper, “Thinking Clearly About Performance”, that is, my attempt of doing an OakTalk during UKOUG 2011. This OakTalk was called “Thinking Clearly about Garbage” which was all about performance and design (in 10 minutes), but I guessed that nobody would get it in this setting for a webcast/ODTUG event.

So I changed it in something more clearly stating my intentions.


The webcast will deal with typical “newbie” kind of topics seen from a relational database point of view: where to start, how to start, how do I get this stupid XML stuff into my database. Nothing more, nothing less, but “Oh…” so essential if you get it wrong (and a lot of people get it wrong if I use the OTN XMLDB Forum as a reference).

For more information and registration follow this LINK.

The webcast will be at 9 PM CET or 3 PM Eastern time, tomorrow, the 19th of January. For other timezones see the “Show in my timezone” link on the mentioned ODTUG webcast information/registration page.



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