MOTS Mini – A Great Start

Dinner was great last evening, I had a huuuuuuge steak (although Carol Dacko’s was bigger). Moans got his annual birthday gift, A great Arabian Nights kind of hat, and the 25+ people that attended the dinner had a good meal with great service at the “Chop House” restaurant.

MOTS is about to start. After a good nights sleep (me: no extra alcohol infusion but straight to bed), I am now looking outside and really feel at home. Its cosy, its rainy and it will be fun despite, or probably because, the amount of attendees are approximately roundabout 50+ (Oakies not included). So this gives us the advantage to pinpoint on peoples work related, technical questions. If doable I will switch my demo session today with examples/demo’s explaining peoples the questions at hand.


Moans will open this years MOTS symposium. I am looking forward to it, if not only, because I already had some almost Dutch strong coffee in the lobby with a nice cone.

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  1. September 17

    Carol’s steak is *always* bigger!

    Sounds like you’re all having a great time and thanks for the posts – keep it up as best you can in amongst the preparations and partying 😉

  2. September 17

    Hmm, partying…its all distinguished and as it should be, good conversations, good fun. You never know how things will go though. Its Friday night tonight / almost weekend.


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