“Doug’s” Cuddly Toys Strike !

A hart warming piece has been posted on Doug Burns blog site by my friends.
Support The Cuddly Toys !Read it and give your support to Polly and her Friends! It is unbelievable that Doug has let it slip this far.

He should have known better!

We all can understand that after you have been forgotten and tucked away in a corner, you get emotional and take the next step…

The world can’t be that cruel. I really hope they come to an understanding. There must be a way to solve this! I believe in you, Doug; make some effort. You can do it! Get in touch with your feminine side. Make it right! Read “The Boys (and Polly)”‘s emotional piece and give your support!

Leave a comment at Doug’s site, showing your commitment to Polly and her Friends.

On behalf of my Bear,

Athina Gralike,
The Netherlands
(5 1/2 years)

Marco Gralike Written by:


  1. June 2

    Thank you,

    Bear & Athina for your support and recognition.

    (also on behalf of the Boys)

  2. June 3

    Athina and Bear,

    I will give my version of events soon, but there is certainly some truth in their blog so I feel I’ll have to make some effort to make things better.

    Thanks you for caring about them.


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